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MG Solar Battery 1500

MG Solar Battery 1500

De MG Solar Battery 1500 is a new battery pack for use in solar powered boats which participate in the Dong Energy Solar Challenge 2014.

MG Solar MPPT | MG Electronics


The MG Solar MPPT is a charge controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function. The converter is based on a boost topology. With the MG Solar MPPT, the maximum energy is harvested from the solar panel and transformed so a battery bank with higher voltage can be charged.

24V / 180Ah LiFePo Battery Module | MG Electronics

24V / 180Ah LiFePo Battery Module

The 24V/180Ah LiFePo Battery is a battery module which is specially developed for use in marine and industrial applications. These efficient batteries have a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors the batteries actively on a cell level. The BMS guarantees a safe and optimal usage of the battery system. It controls charging and discharging, when a critical value exceeds the limit, the BMS will automatically intervene.

DC Motor PMG 132

The PMG 132 is a multi-pole, permanently excited DC motor with brushes. Its compact design requires for less installation space while providing strong torque of up to 38 Nm.