International students design cake factory 4.0 on behalf of Beenen (English version)

On Tuesday, May 14, 2019, the Innovation Workplace of ROC Friese Poort was the backdrop for an international Challenge. Students from the educational institution collaborated with peers from Germany, Estonia and Italy. Client Beenen Industrial Automation asked them to design a Factory 4.0.

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Factory 4.0
The Challenge was steered in the right direction by employees of FryskLab, the mobile fabrication laboratory of Bibliotheekservice Fryslân. Project leader Bertus Douwes explained the assignment to the students as follows: ‘Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution, in which all systems communicate with each other and are connected. Factories develop into Smart Factories, with matching smart products. You are going to design a modern cake factory that delivers cakes quickly and efficiently, tailored to customer requirements.’

Business Model Canvas
The students used the Design Thinking method during the brainstorming phase. A tool that supports solving complex problems. The Business Model Canvas was also available to them. With this, one can create a business model based on nine key points. The participants in the Challenge were well versed in this and came up with creative solutions. For example, the order of the cakes for the majority of the groups was per smartphone app, while drones regularly took care of the delivery. QR codes ensured mutual communication between the factory systems. As a result, the machines know which toppings should be on the cakes. A surprising idea was the use of a vacuum system. With the help of a suction system, it pulled topping parts against a plate. Then a machine turns it over and the plate presses the correct different toppings on the cakes. One group also took sustainability into account. These students generated stram from the heat of the cake ovens, which subsequently generated electricity for the other factory processes.

Alex van Dalen, director of client Beenen, was pleased with the student ideas. “The diversity of plans impressed me. Students from multiple countries use their creativity for our company today. They were aware of the latest technologies and processes. They then went to work with enthusiasm. This fits in perfectly with the philosophy of Beenen Industrial Automation, which always wants to be at the forefront of its sector. ”

Lifelike education
This international Challenge is an example of lifelike education within ROC Friese Poort. The Sustainable Center fulfills the role as a driver. By giving students practical assignments from real companies, they go beyond theoretical frameworks. Moreover, they come into contact with a core theme of our time: sustainability.

Take a look at the presentation of client Beenen:

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