Foreign partners pay a visit to Sustainability Centre (English version)

On Wednesday, November 21, 2018, fifteen foreign partners of ROC Friese Poort visited the Sustainability Centre. The guests from Germany, England and Finland visit our country because of the cooperation within the I-CNN consortium. During this partnership Alfa College, Landstede and ROC Friese Poort work together on the theme Internationalization.

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“Two themes are paramount to our location”, says Roeland Westra, project leader of the Sustainability Centre. “Passion and courage. We teach these elements to our students every day. They learn how to work practically with the latest sustainable techniques.”

The International Consortium North Netherlands (I-CNN) has existed since 2006. The three ROCs involved stimulate students and employees to develop an international view. In this way, students gain educational and life experience by following a foreign internship. The parties also learn from each other’s expertise, link their networks to each other and co-opt for subsidy applications. One of the elements within the collaboration concerns mutual visits, such as this time to the Sustainability Centre.

Hylco van der Zwaag, international coordinator of ROC Friese Poort locations Leeuwarden and Dokkum, showed the visitors a video of LF2018. He also pointed to the four promises of ROC Friese Poort: leading the way in the professional field, letting students get the best out of themselves, development during your whole lifetime and connection with the region. Van der Zwaag sees many advantages in international cooperation. “In the short term, a conference will take place within I-CNN. There, we will try to expand our cooperation further. For many people this was the first acquaintance with the Sustainability Centre. We constantly seek connection with the business community and the region. That was received positively by the visitors. ”

“We wanted to give our partners a quick tour at ROC Friese Poort,” says Jan van der Weijde, internationalization coordinator at the Sustainability Centre and location Sneek. “The Sustainability Centre is a relatively new initiative. You will not find something comparable in Europe. It is important that we show our partners how much in-house innovation we possess. The foreign colleagues are also very interested in further cooperation. That’s really important.”

House for Sustainable Activities
The House for Sustainable Activities within the Sustainabiilty Centre is a lifelike learning environment for students and companies. At the location, people work with the latest sustainable techniques from 22 manufacturers from the Netherlands. Because of this, people learn which steps are needed to make homes, business premises and shops more sustainable.

Hylco van der Zwaag showed this video to the visitors:

Leeuwarden-Friesland European Capital of Culture 2018

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